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Where Learning Meets Fun.

Dive into the world of aquatic excellence with Scuba Dogs, your trusted certified aquatic center. For nearly two decades, we’ve been passionately imparting the art of swimming and water safety to individuals of all ages, from wide-eyed youngsters to seasoned adults. Our commitment to your aquatic education began in 2005 and continues to thrive.

At Scuba Dogs, we proudly embrace the esteemed “PADI Swim School” program, a globally recognized training paradigm that confers numerous distinct benefits upon our cherished clientele. This internationally acclaimed initiative promises a depth of expertise and a breadth of advantages that set us apart in the aquatic instruction domain.

Your Benefits

  • Affiliated with “Starfish Aquatics Institute”, global leader in swim instruction with over 2000 facilities worldwide
  • Consistent training method with all Instructors professionally trained, certified and insured under this program
  • Excellent facilities with a 40’ X 20’ heated pool, parking, lockers, restrooms, classroom, showers, Wi-Fi, full retail shop, and comfortable waiting areas
  • Aquatic tools that enhance the learning experience such as visual aids, swim platform, shallow and deep diving area, and toys
  • Training program with two (2) focus areas in all lessons:
    • Swim Skills teaching basics in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, sidestroke, freediving, and more
    • Water Safety focused on survival swim, back & front flotation, self-rescue, boating, diving, submerging, and more

Learning Structure:

The Swim School is mostly divided by skill under the following five (5) main schools and five (5) levels of progress within each:

STARBABIES SCHOOL – Introductory level where students adapt and acquire initial aquatic skills for self-reliance, safety, and survival. This level is also known as “Parent & Child”, as it always requires the presence of an adult in the water (unless conducting Private Lessons, see below). The minimum age is 6 months up to 2 years.

STARFISH SCHOOL – Introductory level identical to the “Starbabies School” mentioned above, but including participants up to 5 years to prepare them for the next level.

SWIM SCHOOL – Beginner level where the student can be independent in the water learning to master the basics of swimming, diving, and water safety.  The average age is between 5 to 9 years old.

STROKE SCHOOL – Competitive level where students develop the best techniques, toning, speed, strength, alternate swim strokes, diving, and water safety skills. The average age is between 10 to 14 years old, but we also include adults of all ages and levels to learn the swim and water safety skills.


Aquatic Tuition Fee

The Aquatic Center requires this initial $30 Aquatic Tuition Fee to cover for the registration process, student manual and recognition progress patches that reward students for each level of development. It is valid for one (1) full year and automatically renewed every month when continuing with your classes.

Swim Evaluation

Kids over four (4) years old are required to take a Swim Evaluation. This quick, 5-minute skills review will allow us to determine skill level, verify availability and share our recommendation. It will also allow you to get to know our professional Staff and facilities and yes, it is completely free.

Monthly Program

Our swim lessons are offered all day Monday through Saturdays through a Monthly Program.  Subject to availability, students typically take one or two 45-minute sessions per week through an extended period to truly learn and master their swimming skills.  This is why we created the “Extended Program Package” which offer these 3 important benefits:

Service Discount: 20% discount for 6 months or 30% discount for one year on your monthly fee.

Guaranteed Space: With this confirmation, we are able to guarantee the limited space for your swim lessons.

Your Goal: Just like learning to play a musical instrument or any other sport, learning to swim takes time. When you sign up to our Extended Program, we are confident that you will achieve and most likely exceed your goals and expectations.

Group Swim Lessons

Our most popular swim lessons are offered in small groups with no more than eight (8) participants per session (maximum).  Group lessons are very effective creating synergy, fun, and a friendly competition that is constructive for all participants in the learning process.  Group sessions are always offered the same days and times to assure consistency month after month, plus are available for our most competitive prices and discounts.

Following are the date options and prices including all sessions for a full month of Group Swim Lessons:

  • Two (2) Lessons Per Week – $195 (approx. 8 classes per month)  either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.
  • One (1) Lesson Per Week – $145 (approx. 4 classes per month) on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • Separate Classes – $40 – This option is available for taking separate single classes in any of the respective sessions, upon availability.

Private lessons

You may also consider Private Swim Lessons for you or your children. This option offers the full attention of an exclusive Instructor helping the student to learn better, faster, and safer catering to their specific learning interests and needs. This service is simply double the group rate and can be offered to a maximum of two (2) students each paying said amount.
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The Aquatic Center is our main training location teaching approximately 80-100 students of all levels and ages every month.  We recommend that you book your services early to assure the preferred times and dates.  You may enter here to see our Monthly Pool Schedule.

The Marine Park is a great learning environment because of its protected bay offering pool-like conditions with more room to swim, plus observing the lovely fish and turtles that we may encounter along the way.  We only offer private swim lessons at the Marine Park.  If interested, please click here to send us an email at dive@scubadogs.net with your basic contact information and availability to coordinate your swim lessons.

For guests staying at the lovely Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa, taking private swim lessons during their stay is a great learning opportunity to learn and immediately apply many of the swim and water safety skills that are taught in the PADI Swim School program.  If interested, please click here to send us an email at copamarina@scubadogs.net with your basic contact information and availability to coordinate your swim lessons or book below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included

  • 45 min. lessons with certified PADI Instructor.
  • Student manual.
  • Progress patches.
  • Excellent facilities with heated pool, lockers, restrooms, parking, and waiting area.


  • Students must be at least 6 months old to participate.
  • An Aquatic Service Agreement must be signed to confirm you accept our terms & conditions
  • A Liability Release must be filled and signed by all participants confirming that you are in good health and accept the risks involved with all water related activities.

Materials Checklist

Following is the swim gear we recommend for the different levels.  You may bring your own or purchase here at Scuba Dogs.

  • Starfish School: Towel, Single-piece Swimsuit (Streamline), Reusable Swim Diaper (Under 3 y/o), Swim Cap (Long Hair), Googles, Water Toys, Kickboard, Mesh Bag, Ear Plugs, Goggles.
  • Swim School: Towel, Single-piece Swimsuit (Streamline), Goggles, Swim Cap (Long Hair), Fins, Kickboard, Water Toys, Pull Buoy, Swim Snorkel, Mesh Bag, Nose Clip, Ear Plugs.
  • Stroke School, Adults & AquaFit: Towel, Single-piece Swimsuit (Streamline), Goggles, Fins, Swim Cap (Long Hair), Kickboard, Paddles, Pull Buoy, Swim Snorkel, Nose Clip, Ear Plugs, Mesh Bag.

Disclaimer Clarification

Our tours and trainings require all participants to be in good health and dully qualified for the respective services. If unsure, kindly contact us via email, we’ll be happy to advice in order to assure your safety.

Availability Agreement

All bookings are subject to change due to factors like weather conditions, staff availability, quorum and unexpected events.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is required to make your reservation; this confirms your commitment with us. Our duty is to coordinate all resources needed to render the best available service; that is our commitment to you. Full refunds are applicable for cancellations notified 48 hours prior to the reservation date. A 50% refund is applicable for cancellations notified 24 hours prior to the reservation date. We do not offer refunds for no-show, cancellations made less than 24 hours, or extreme circumstances on-site that may be life threatening like a storm, near drowning scenarios, or a “Mayday” call. Safety is always our #1 priority. At Scuba Dogs we strive to be “Diver’s Best Friend”. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding.