We booked Scuba Dogs from a Carnival Cruise for a beginners SCUBA excursion. Had never been to Puerto Rico so wasn’t sure what to expect. Scuba Dogs exceeded all expectations, from the bus driver that drove from the ship to the location, the manager, and of course our instructor “Octo”! The instructor was very nice, explained everything clearly, and was very patient. It happened to be just me and my son with the instructor but I think normally there’s maybe up to 5 people per instructor. (not sure about that) The dive location was off a calm beach, we walked in, took our first breath underwater and came up over an hour later after SCUBA through an amazing underwater “park”. Plenty of colorful fish and other waterlife and coral/rock formations. 10/10 would recommend and will do this one again. You also get a partial PADI SCUBA credit if you want to get fully certified later.

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