PADI SEal team

Swim and Scuba Training For Kids

Join the best Swim & Scuba training program for kids 8-14 years old teaching all basic and advanced skills underwater!! =)
The PADI Seal Team program teaches responsibility and respect for the aquatic realm. Each student will need their own educational material, known as a Crew-Pak, which includes everything a PADI Seal Team Member needs to prepare for AquaMissions including a fun video, activity book with puzzles, and log book pages to track your adventures; It can be purchased directly at our shop. Complete AquaMissions and become a recognized PADI Seal Team Member. Your experience may also count toward the PADI Open Water Diver course when you’re old enough to participate in the course.

  1. Aquamissions 1-5: Basic diving skills such as equipment assembly, underwater breathing, buoyancy management, safety exercises and others. Upon completion you obtain the PADI Seal Team Member certification.
  2. Aquamissions 6-15: Advanced skills such as rescue, compass navigation, underwater photography, object recovery, environmentalism, identification of marine species and night diving, among others. Upon completion you obtain the PADI Master Seal certification.

Training Structure: The camp takes place in a period of ten (10) days between Monday through Friday, from 9am to 2pm. The program is offered in a total of fifteen (15) “Aquamissions” of intellectual and practical development. The daily activity program is carried out in three (3) main stages:

  1. Diving 9 am – 12pm: Three (3) hours of theoretical and practical training in progressive order to develop your skills and knowledge.
  2. Lunch 12 pm – 1pm: One-hour break with talks, filling in blogs, videos and sharing in a group.
  3. Swimming 1pm – 2pm: One hour of swimming exercises teaching freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary and competitive back, scissors, and diving; and  water safety survival (rescue, floatation, survival).

Available date for our PADI Seal Team summer camp:

  • From July 10th to July 21st

What's Included

  • Basic and advanced swim & scuba training
  • Scuba gear rental with BCD, regulator, and tank
  • Direct supervision by a certified PADI Instructor
  • Excellent facilities with stereo system, lockers, showers, restrooms and gift shop
  • Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins, and weights) and additional equipment necessary for specialty Aquamissions (dive light, underwater camera) are not included, but are available for purchase or rent
  • Lunch and refreshments


  • Must between 8 to 14 years old
  • A medical statement must be signed to confirm that you are in good health, otherwise get a signed physician approval
  • A liability release must be filled and signed by all participants
  • It is highly recommended to know how to swim and feel comfortable in the water
  • Purchase and complete the PADI educational material
  • Watch video of risk & responsibility and sign waiver


For their part, each participant must acquire the following:

  • Educational material: PADI SEAL TEAM: $ 150 per “Crewpack” which includes the printed book with the logbook and assignments, an illustrative video DVD, and the processing fee for the PADI Seal Team Member and PADI Master Seal certifications.
  • Personal Equipment: Basic snorkeling and swimming equipment with googles, mask, snorkel, flaps and weights. For the boys of the “Seal Team”, a camera (it can be basic disposable), a waterproof flashlight (you can rent or buy) are required for advanced dives and swimming goggles (must buy).
  • Optional Items: There is a selection of equipment that is recommended, but optional:
  • Diving: Wetsuit, “mesh” type bag to keep wet equipment, flaps with booties and “strap” to adjust your mask.
  • Swimming: Accessories such as “pulling”, “paddles”, “swim snorkel” and swimming board.
  • Bags: Every day it is recommended to bring a wet bag with the aquatic equipment and a dry bag with the towel, educational material and change of clothes. It is recommended to bring some change and / or snack in case you want to consume something outside of lunch hours.

Hey, who doesn’t love a good bargain?

We are happy to offer the following discounts on all tours and trainings to our customers:
  • $25 discount per person when booking for 2+ participants
  • 50% discount for groups of 15+ participants perfect for birthdays,  special celebrations, and corporate events
  • $10 discount when bringing your full gear
  • $10 discount for Copamarina Resort guests in Guánica
  • 50% discount optional for a GoPro video camera rental
  • 20% discount for 6-month extended aquatic program
  • 30% discount for 1-year extended aquatic program

For more information, feel free to contact us here with any questions or inquiries.

Disclaimer Clarification

Our tours and trainings require all participants to be in good health and dully qualified for the respective services. If unsure, kindly contact us via email, we’ll be happy to advice in order to assure your safety.

Availability Agreement

All bookings are subject to change due to factors like weather conditions, staff availability, quorum and unexpected events.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is required to make your reservation; this confirms your commitment with us. Our duty is to coordinate all resources needed to render the best available service; that is our commitment to you. Full refunds are applicable for cancellations notified 48 hours prior to the reservation date. A 50% refund is applicable for cancellations notified 24 hours prior to the reservation date. We do not offer refunds for no-show, cancellations made less than 24 hours, or extreme circumstances on-site that may be life threatening like a storm, near drowning scenarios, or a “Mayday” call. Safety is always our #1 priority. At Scuba Dogs we strive to be “Diver’s Best Friend”. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding.