Amazing Encounters with Fish & Turtles @ Escambrón Marine Park

Welcome to the Escambrón Marine Park; the only public beach in the capital city of San Juan!

Located within the renamed Third Millennium National Park in year 2000, this historic site holds part of what the Spanish Empire declared as the “First Line of Defense” of the old city over 400 years ago. After centuries of evolution, it’s now a popular recreational park that both locals and tourists enjoy, conveniently located within minutes from the best restaurants and hotels in the Old San Juan City.

Known now by marine enthusiasts as the “Escambrón Marine Park”, this dive site has a diverse bottom composition that appeals to all levels and ages of beach-loving visitors.

The site has 2 main sandy beach areas; natural reefs areas like the “Sea Grapes Corner” and “Snorkel Reef”; over 200 artificial “Taino Reefs”’; a 20’ deep infamous “Fish Protection Wall”; natural reef caverns and swim-thru formations known as “The Labyrinth”; and an underwater park with Roman columns, statues, benches, ship-shaped structures, and the “City of Atlantis” that is ideal to enjoy and explore.

A particular attraction is the amazing diversity and abundance of marine life that reside inside the protected bay. Fish are very used to divers, including yellow tail snappers, damselfish, grunts, blue tangs, octopus, lobster, and the occasional manatee or stingray swimming around the visiting divers.  However, the star of the show are always the turtles!  With over 15 individual subjects, some Hawksbill but mostly Green Turtles, the exciting encounter with these gentle creatures is certainly one of the highlights of this experience snorkeling, diving, or simply swimming inside the park.

Scuba Dogs has been the main dive and aquatic operator at the Park since year 2010.
Our Mission is to “Inspire you to treasure our natural and historic heritage at the Escambrón Marine Park”. Even more so, since early 2000 Scuba Dogs has helped to transform this site by leading beach cleanup efforts, installing safety descend lines, swimmer markers, buoys, etc. to keep the marine park clean, safe, and healthy for all to enjoy.

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